The Street Art Guide to Paris

Stéphanie Lombard

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The Street Art Guide to Paris

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 18.99

ISBN: 9789401469821, September 2020, Engels
Formaat: 18.6 (h) x 14.5 (b) x 2.0 (d) cm. Gewicht: 331 gram.

Uitgever: Lannoo


Discover the best spots for urban art in Paris, Vitry-sur-Seine, Montreuil and Saint-Denis with these ten richly illustrated routes.

Each route includes:

  • A map that lets you quickly get your bearings
  • Street-by-street directions in
  • Focus on the must see works
  • Special sections 'Artist in the spotlight' and 'In conversation' about the approaches of the district's key artists
  • Lots of practical info on upcoming festivals, urban culture centres and usefull addressses
  • A 'zoom in' section to find out more about street art (techniques, associations, galleries...)
  • A double spread of photos capturing the district's vibe


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