Becoming a successful selling artist

A journey about art, making art and selling art

Wendy Buiter

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Becoming a successful selling artist

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ISBN: 9789090323398, geïllustreerd, 240 blz., November 2020, Engels
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In this book, internationally recognized artist, Wendy Buiter, shares her personal story with such openness and honesty that it will leave readers both surprised and inspired. Wendy reveals insights into her life and the various stages of her career as an artist, including what she did to develop her signature style, how she makes a living as an artist, and how to run a business while raising two young children; one is a ‘special needs’ child. In addition, Wendy provides tips, ideas, and advice for your personal journey towards a fulfilling life.

Throughout this book, Wendy explains her personal struggles with finding a balance between the demands of daily life and the pursuit of becoming an artist.

With chapters that alternate from autobiographical to instructional, Wendy offers practical applications from her own life lessons, to assist you in finding your unique gifts and pursuing your artistic dreams.

Through self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work, Wendy developed her own signature style when others said it couldn’t be done. Her story illuminates a path that anyone can follow to reach their full potential — a path as intriguing and enduring as her bold, brilliant canvases.

This true story will inspire you to develop the skills and techniques required to create art and provides the insights and motivations necessary to run a business, be persistent, and to become a successful selling artist.

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over de schrijver(s)Wendy Buiter is a celebrated Dutch contemporary artist, known for her playful, fashion-inspired artworks that depict powerful women who exude sophisticated style, innate beauty, and irresistible confidence.

An extension of herself, Wendy’s artworks are a translation of her creative energy, boldly brought to life by the women she paints. Each work of art sparks a conversation and represents modern-day beauty in its unapologetic magnificence.

Inspired by fashion photography, haute couture, and modern aesthetics, Wendy unites her appreciation of cosmetics, Art Deco, fine jewelry, and vivid color, to create unique, fashion-forward art.

Wendy’s creative journey began at an early age. As a young girl, she would sketch a specific figure with a triangular-shaped body over and over again, each time adorned with a different, extravagant dress. Wendy went on to realize her passion for the arts and aesthetics, becoming a young, accomplished make-up artist. As she traveled the world expressing herself through make-up, Wendy admired the intricacies of the real-life female portrait, refining her skills through education and observation.

But Wendy’s vision was always far greater than herself and it came as no surprise that Wendy transformed her solo talent into a successful company, known as Beautypartner. Her company gained exposure within the cosmetic world and collaborated with exclusive fashion and cosmetic houses, such as L’Oréal, CHANEL, LVMH, MAC, and Yves Saint Laurent.

After nearly a decade of entrepreneurship, Wendy felt increasingly drawn to her creativity and took a sabbatical to further develop her creative talent, while raising her two children. Wendy was soon accepted into one of the most prestigious art academies in The Netherlands and went on to expand her skillset in Rotterdam, and New York.

Today, Wendy’s entrepreneurial spirit and artistic talent unify to create the ultra-modern artworks so recognizable as the Wendy Buiter brand.

Wendy’s art challenges the traditional genre of portraiture, portraying powerful women of haute culture in bold and vivid colors. Mesmerizing, vibrant, and mystique, her signature style balances art technique with creative flair and is achieved with a layering technique whereby paint and various other mixed mediums are rendered onto premium European, wood-free fine artistry paper.

Each unique brushstroke carries its own beauty and embodies the introspection that generates it. The unspoken dialogue between the sketch lines, brush strokes, and brilliant colors awaken the senses and unite to form an intersecting masterpiece, rich in creative expression. The resulting women Wendy portrays are steeped in character, marked in elegance, and sustained by stylized modernity—radiating alluring energy in constant exchange with the world, and the viewer.
inhoudsopgave11 Introduction
19 Why you got this book
21 Why I wrote this book
23 Who am I
24 What is success?
28 Goals
31 No regrets
34 Why I create art
37 The female portraits
39 Everyone starts as an amateur
49 Taking on responsibilities
50 My dream job
53 Rolling-out my business skills
55 Beautypartner
57 The struggles of being a single parent
63 Considerations
64 How it all began
66 How I grew
69 Art School
70 Drawing live models
75 Deep focus and reflection
77 A “professional Artist”
79 Ignore everyone
87 The inner urge
88 Living on a shoestring
92 Fear and Failures
95 Developing my style
99 Talent and persistence
107 Reviewing social contacts
108 Mentors
111 Finding inspiration
125 My art techniques, how I paint, and my inspiration
129 Developing a recognizable signature style
133 Creating value
136 Feeling ‘in the flow’
141 My Products and Tools
143 My process
145 List of products
147 Canvas
149 Like a painting
150 Mediums
152 Tools
153 List of tools
155 My techniques
157 Working with crayons
159 Sketch, sketch, sketch ...
159 Practice makes perfect
160 The blown-up esthetics
163 Aesthetic experience
165 Signing my artworks
169 Online Marketing & Branding
175 Branding an artist’s personality
177 An artist logo
179 How to be ‘so you’
182 Working with photographers
188 Interior Design
190 Open Atelier
207 Pricing
208 New York Make-up Artist
209 Networking as an artist
211 Celebrity endorsement
213 Gut feeling
215 Journaling
217 Family time
219 My daily routines to stay happy and focused
225 Investing
227 Coaching
229 My final shares
231 What’s next?
233 List of artworks
237 Image credits
toelichtingWendy Buiter takes you with her on her journey of becoming a successful selling artist. Wendy is sharing her experiences and wisdom here. She writes about the challenges and obstacles she encountered at the start of her new career as an artist. The struggles to find her own unique signature style gives her thoughts and ideas about art, techniques, entrepreneurship, and managing a business as a single parent. She is open and unapologetic ambitious in solving her biggest problems and accomplishing her wildest dreams.

A must-read for anyone who wants to face their fears, fulfill their dreams, and find a way to do it. This book encourages you to do regardless of whatever is holding you back.
Wendy hopes to inspire you and give you the courage and confidence to just go for it and follow your dreams.

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