The China Factor

A 21st Century with Chinese Characteristics

Annette Nijs

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ISBN: 9789090317878, 448 blz., July 2019, Engels
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Uitgever: The China Agenda


There is no escaping it. During the 21st Century ‘The China Factor’ will become an increasingly dominant feature of our world. In countries across the globe a large majority of people agree that China plays a more important role today than in the past. Whether we like it or not. What role does President Xi play? When he says “China has reached a turning point in history” what does he mean? China’s rising dominance will change the world’s balance of power, but how exactly? Is the ‘Belt & Road’, China’s new Silk Road, a new model for 21st Century regional economic union? Will a stronger China escalate geo-cyber-warfare to the next level? How will China’s society change? What is China policy of ‘deliberative democracy’ and will it bring the Chinese people closer to their government? And how does the new social credit system fit in with all this? China’s economic miracle is not over yet: So how does China balance its debt with economic growth? How long will shopping sprees by Chinese consumers continue to drive its economy? How rapidly will China bring its high-tech innovations to the rest of the world in the form of 5G networks, smart factories, smart cities, smart logistics and alternative-energy self-drive cars? China will also inevitably play a larger role in our personal lives. And more and more of us will work for a Chinese employer. The answer on how China will shape the 21st Century and how best to respond is more easy to find after reading 'The China Factor'.

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over de schrijver(s)nnette Nijs is the Founder of The China Agenda, a network of international China experts. She is the Chair of the Executive Global Board of BSN, an international action learning business school
For a decade she was the Executive Director Global Initiative of CEIBS, China Europe International Business School, headquartered in Shanghai. CEIBS is
the #1 business school in Asia and globally ranked in
the top 5 by the Financial Times.
Nijs is a former Dutch Cabinet Minister for Education, Culture and Science. She is a seasoned board advisor who studied at Rotterdam Erasmus University and both London and Harvard Business Schools.
In 2009 she wrote her first book ‘China through Different Eyes’. In 2015 she received the Chinese Government Friendship Award, the highest recognition from
the Chinese Central Government for foreigners who have made an outstanding contribution to China.

The Chinese 21st Century

A Society with Chinese Characteristics

Economies with Chinese Characteristics

Geopolitics with Chinese Characteristics
toelichtingThe 19th century belonged to the UK, the 20th to America and the 21st century to China. How will China affect our world, our economies and our lives? How should we respond? The China Factor provides the clues to that question, one of the most important questions of our time.

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