Cloud computing for business

The Open Group Guide

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Cloud computing for business

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ISBN: 9789087536572, geïllustreerd, September 2011, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Van Haren Publishing


The Open Group’s long awaited guidance on Cloud is now published!
Cloud Computing is the major evolution today in computing. It describes how the internet has enabled organizations to access computing resources as a commodity and when needed – in much the same way as households access household utilities.
For Enterprises with complex and expensive IT systems, the idea of paying on demand for someone else to provide IT services is attractive. This authoritative guide is specifically designed for business managers to understand the benefits that can be achieved; including
• Improved timeliness and agility
• Resource optimisation
• Control and reduction of costs
• More innovation
• Increased security
• Decreased exposure to risk
• Demonstration of compliance
• Improved quality of support
• Improved business continuity resource
The authoritative title, published by the globally respected Open Group, gives Managers reliable and independent guidance that will help to support decisions and actions in this key operational area.

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