Metrics for Service Management

Designing for ITIL®

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Metrics for Service Management

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ISBN: 9789087536480, geïllustreerd, May 2011, Engels
Formaat: 24.0 (h) x 17.0 (b) x 1.0 (d) cm. Gewicht: 393 gram.

Uitgever: Van Haren Publishing

serienaam/reeks: Best practice


This title is the sister book to the global best-seller Metrics for Service Management. Taking the basics steps described there, this new title describes the context within the ITIL 2011 Lifecycle approach.
More than that it looks at the overall goal of metrics which is to achieve Value. The overall delivery of Business Value is driven by Corporate Strategy and Governance, from which Requirements are developed and Risks identified. These Requirements drive the design of Services, Processes and Metrics. Metrics are designed and metrics enable design as well as governing the delivery of value through the whole lifecycle.
The book shows the reader how do achieve this Value objective by covering the following:
- Introduction (this chapter), explaining the purpose and structure of this book
- Managing, metrics and perspectives: key principles of metrics
- Governance: the metrics required for effective governance
- Service Strategy: the metrics required for the first phase of the service lifecycle
- Service Design: the metrics required for the second phase of the service lifecycle
- Chapters exploring Service Design-related topics in more detail:
- Classifications of metrics
- Outsourcing and emerging technologies
- Cultural and technical considerations
- Tools and tool selection
- Service Transition: the metrics required for the third phase of the service lifecycle
- Chapter exploring Service Transition-related topic in more detail: Service Transition and management of change
- Service Operation: the metrics required for the fourth phase of the service lifecycle
- Continual Service Improvement: the metrics required for the final on-going phase of the service lifecycle

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