ITSM Process Assessment Supporting ITIL (english version)

using TIPA to Assess and Improve your Processes with ISO 15504 and Prepare for ISO 20000 Certification

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ITSM Process Assessment Supporting ITIL (english version)

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 42.35: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9789087535643, 217 blz., December 2018, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Van Haren Publishing

serienaam/reeks: Best practice

redactie: Jane Chittenden


The key to any successful IT Service Management solution are strong, clear processes that are fit for purpose. The continual cycle of service improvements must therefore look at the existing processes and assess how effective they are within changing business requirements.

This innovative title not only looks at this fundamental process assessment, it does it using the key ISO/IEC standard in this area. In brief, this title explains the meeting between two standards:
* ITIL: the de facto standard in IT Service Management.
* ISO/IEC 15504 Information technology - Process assessment

Readers can therefore be confident of a strong, well-thought out and solid approach which will help identify:
- The concepts of process assessment and process maturity
- How to plan and perform a process assessment
- How to use the approach
- How to launch an improvement process starting with an assessment project

Because it focuses on 10 key processes the TIPA framework can be applied with equal success to ITILv2, ITIL v3 or to the ISO/IEC 20000. This manual will also convey valuable information for understanding the roles and differences between: process assessment, traditional conformity assessment, audit and self-assessment suite. Finally, it is illustrated with real-life case studies, which highlight what should be done and what should be avoided. The reader will thus learn process assessment based on genuine experiences.

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