The Law of Human Progress

Daniel Gervais

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The Law of Human Progress

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ISBN: 9789086920709, 20 blz., February 2019, Engels
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The title of this inaugural lecture is The Law of Human Progress. It is a double-entendre. It signifies, first, that human progress is by no means a natural law, in the sense that people and societies do not always progress naturally. The title also suggests, however, that legislation can in many cases promote human progress. Progress and change are not synonymous. When change occurs, there is not necessarily progress. Change is only a difference between two points (A and B) on a timeline. Progress is an improvement in point B. It is best seen as a process, not as a destination. After reviewing the thoughts of many of humanity's greatest thinkers on the relationship between law and progress, the lecture discusses the question of how the enlightened governance of innovation should look like in the 21st century and proposes a set of principles and concrete legal steps that can and should be taken to contribute to optimal human progress.

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