Cruiser HNLMS Tromp

Jantinus Mulder

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Cruiser HNLMS Tromp

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 14.95

ISBN: 9789086161911, geïllustreerd, 48 blz., September 2012, Engels
Formaat: 27.1 (h) x 22.2 (b) x 0.7 (d) cm. Gewicht: 251 gram.

Uitgever: Lanasta

serienaam/reeks: Warship

vertaald door: Frits Kumer


Trapped in the far east by the over-run of the Netherlands and by the occupancy of the Netherlands East Indies, Tromp`s destiny lay in the Indian Ocean ans Pacific onslaughts. The ship became one of the highest decorated Dutch warships of World War 2. Often refered as to as 'The Ghostship, the crew prefered to call her The Lucky ship. Because besides the British Ark royal, there was no other ship more often claimed as to be sunk.

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