Electromagnetic Compatibility

Mart Coenen; Jasper Goedbloed


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ISBN: 9789085720348, geïllustreerd, 430 blz., March 2011, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

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Electromagnetic Compatibility
When designing electronic equipment, but also in the construction of electrical installations, the effects of electromagnetic fields can not be ignored. The book 'Electromagnetic Compatibility' gives an overview of all basic principles and the way they should be managed to prevent problems with electromagnetic interference or to solve them and to design equipment that meets the EMC regulations.
The book is of great benefit for designers and engineers, and can also serve as an important basis for employee training. It is also ideal as teaching material for university courses. It offers an up-to-date and practical picture of the current state of affairs in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and gives directions for design and installation methods.
"Electromagnetic Compatibility" is a completely revised and updated version of the book from Dr. Jasper Goedbloed, which was published in a Dutch and an English edition. The present author, ing Mart Coenen, is a recognized authority in the field of EMC and a popular speaker at national and international EMC conferences.
Size: 448 pages
Language: English
ISBN 978-90-8572-034-8

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