English for High-Flyers

a reference book for those who wish to perfect their English

D. Butterman

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English for High-Flyers

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ISBN: 9789085063612, 269 blz., March 2007, Engels
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English for High-Flyers
A reference book for those who wish to perfect their English
Why is it wrong to say 'of which three' instead of 'three of which'? Why should it be 'it is interesting' and not 'interesting is'? Did you know that we write and say 'insight into' and not 'insight in' and were you aware that the English word for alinea is 'paragraph' while a paragraaf is a 'section'?
These and hundreds of other linguistic pitfalls and grey areas have been skilfully identified, analysed and explained in this carefully compiled book which focuses on the recurrent errors of nonnative speakers of English.
Some such recurrent errors are shared by people with the same first language while others are linked to unique features of English itself and are thus shared by most learners of English as a second language. Throughout the book, the author has provided detailed grammatical explanation wherever clarification is required.
English for High-Flyers is for professionals and academics who use English on a daily basis and who recognise that to a large extent their credibility, success and authority depends on their ability to express themselves correctly and effectively in the English language.
In this original, engaging and well-researched publication Diane Butterman, a specialist in the field and a practitioner with years of teaching experience, presents what amounts to an informative, authoritative and extremely useful reference book.

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