Build your Business

For fitness, health and sport professionals

Jan Middelkamp

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Build your Business

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ISBN: 9789083149400, geïllustreerd, 108 blz., April 2021, Engels
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Uitgever: BlackBoxPublishers


Many professionals in several sectors start out as trainers in paid employment, but eventually work as self-employed entrepreneurs. Whatever form you choose, it is not only about training, coaching, teaching or supporting clients. As a professional you also have to work on building your own business. When it comes to your business, topics like financial management, marketing and sales, but also legal issues are important. In this book, 10 main topics are presented and discussed, including multiple practical exercises you can use to build your business. This book will help professionals like personal trainers, physiotherapists, nutritional consultants, tennis and golf coaches, and many more to build an independent company.

Jan Middelkamp is an entrepreneur in multiple businesses and a behavioral researcher. He worked many years as a COO for the chains Fit-Care, Fitness First (COO) and HealthCity & Basic-Fit (COO). In 2009, he became the CEO of HDD GROUP. Currently Jan is the Development Director at HDD and CEO of the Fitness Education Group (FEG). Dr. Middelkamp is a previous board member of EuropeActive and holds a PhD in Health Behavior Change at the Radboud University.


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