Purpose Driven People

Creating business agility and sustainable growth

Alize Hofmeester

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Purpose Driven People

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ISBN: 9789083110301, geïllustreerd, 360 blz., January 2021, Engels
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Uitgever: Twinxter Media


Want to deliver value and be meaningful? So does everybody. But how and where to begin?

Agility is no longer a buzzword. Reacting more quickly to volatile market conditions and customer or employee demands have become a necessity. Implementing agile models and methodologies is one thing, being truly agile from the heart of the organisation is another. Impossible? Definitely not. But how…?

In this book, fiction is intertwined with non-fiction, and will the elements of the People Journey Circle help you discover how and where to embark on your unique journey toward business agility in your organisation. These elements have been forged over years of intense experimenting, learning and improving during large and successful agile transformations. Together, they form a truly refreshing and unique approach where people are the heart of future organisations and agile networks.

The WHY, WHAT and HOW of creating business agility and sustainable growth, all combined into one book.

Alize Hofmeester is a successful purpose-driven entrepreneur, author, and inspirational speaker. She is considered a true visionary and thought leader in the field of business agile transformations. Alize advises and coaches boardroom leaders and transformation teams on mindset, leadership, and the people side of change on how to stay relevant to their customers. For more information about Alize, go to www.twinxter.com


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over de schrijver(s)As a passionate People & Change Executive, Alize Hofmeester helps organizations to stay relevant to their customers, by reshaping their future way of working and facilitating a fresh mindset that leads to companywide flow and business agility.

Alize is considered a true visionary and thought-leader in the field of business agile transformations. By unlocking the infinite human potential within an organization, she is able to ignite new ways of working and thinking in large and complex organizations.
After a successful career in banking, management consulting, healthcare and recruitment Alize started a new chapter as founder of Twinxter and creator of the People Journey Circle©.
She now actively advises and coaches boardroom leaders and transformation teams on mindset, leadership and the people side of change. She is widely renowned for her inspirational keynote speeches and coach- and training sessions for people on forthcoming changes in mindset and related business agile transformations.
inhoudsopgaveTable of Contents
Preface 7
Introduction 15
Where we come from 16
Different views of humanity 18
Where are we headed? 20
Going agile... does it work? 23
The People Journey Circle 27
What is it? 27
Why? 27
How to use the elements 30
How the People Journey Circle options menu works 32
Before we get started: Meet the transformation team 39
Personas and avatars 39
The personas of the transition team 40

1 People & Purpose 46
Tess finds her purpose 47
1.1 Introduction 53
1.2 The heart of the organisation 54
1.3 What is enough motivation and happiness? 56
1.4 Meaningful workplace relationships 67
1.5 Purpose 70
1.6 Design a purpose in four steps 76
1.7 Personal purpose 80
Doing now what patients need next 83

2 Communication & Awareness 90
Transformation starts with communication 91
2.1 Introduction 97
2.2 Why we communicate 98
2.3 What we communicate 103
2.4 How we communicate 109
2.5 Gather a multidisciplinary transition team 112
2.6 Stop talking and start listening: the open space 113
2.7 Keep the story alive and keep communicating 121
It’s not the content. It’s the process, stupid 123

3 Identifying Constraints 130
The system locks up 131
3.1 Introduction 136
3.2 Why you should take constraints seriously 137
3.3 The agility contradiction in agile organisations 140
3.4 What to do with a constraint 142
3.5 How to bring constraints to the surface 143
3.6 Trust is not a KPI 145
3.7 Performance and compensation 147
3.8 Case study: Learn from the candidate experience – Vistaprint 156
3.9 Agile compensation and promotion 161
3.10 Focus relieves pressure 162
3.11 The recruitment process is incompatible with the new way of working 165
How the Agile Business Consortium found a different way to recruit a new CEO 171

4 Role Modelling 178
Role models lead 179
4.1 Introduction 184
4.2 Managing versus leading 185
4.3 The transition to leadership 189
4.4 Distributed leadership 191
4.5 Distorting views of humanity 198
4.6 Role models lead the way 201
4.7 What to work on as a lead or role model 206
4.8 Leadership Journey 208
Let people shine 210

5 Community Building 218
Echo chambers & diversity 219
5.1 Introduction 224
5.2 The principle of collective and swarm intelligence 225
5.3 Basic conditions for collective intelligence 233
5.4 Case study: from high absence rates to vitality and agility 236
5.5 Collective intelligence for all issues 238
5.6 Steer the thought process towards innovation 239
5.7 The power of communities 242
5.8 What steps will you take? 246
The power of the community 250

6 Learning Organisation 256
Chaos & Success 257
6.1 Introduction 262
6.2 Is learning the most normal thing in the world? 263
6.3 Everyone can develop, provided the conditions are right 265
6.4 The tipping point to learning and growth 267
6.5 Learning is not a spectator sport 274
6.6 The mindset 275
6.7 Reprogramme your brain 278
6.8 Encourage people and motivate them 283
6.9 Mastery and technique 284
6.10 The leap to a continuously learning organisation 286
6.11 Helpful steps towards a learning organisation 287
Create a container of trust 293

7 The Ecosystem 298
The virtual future 299
7.1 Introduction 304
7.2 The invisible future 305
7.3 What we mean by ecosystem 305
7.4 The impact of sustainability 309
7.5 A changing work environment in the business ecosystem 316
7.6 Endless digital possibilities 318
7.7 Case study: Take the robot out of humans – KLM 319
7.8 Case study: A high-tech adventure from home – CoVince 322
7.9 Case study: Swiping digital assignments – Part-up 325
7.10 A means is not an end in its own right 329
Networking agile people 332
About the Author 337
Acknowledgements 339
Meet the experts 342
Agile Glossary 349
Sources that might help you forward 352
toelichtingImplementing agile models and methodologies is one thing. Being truly agile from the heart of the organisation is often a struggle. Impossible? Definitely not. But how…? Understand and learn the WHY, WHAT and HOW of creating business agility and sustainable growth, all combined into one book from the prominent thought-leader on business agile transformations.
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