Giving Birth to your Promise

Lessons from the life of Hannah

Stefan Lakhichand

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Giving Birth to your Promise

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 14.99

ISBN: 9789083083308, 104 blz., July 2020, Engels

Uitgever: Public Transformation

trefwoorden: bijbel birth christendom christus discipelschap geboorte geloof god jezus promise religie spiritualiteit


The Bible calls the promise inside of you a hidden treasure. Just imagine a treasure chest filled with the most precious stones and metals within you. You must be worth billions; that is how valuable you are to God. He wants you to be an exact representation of Him. However, your treasure chest needs to opened so you can use the content to bring forth the change this world is in need of.

Your promise is unique. God’s purpose for your life is unique. It might be quite difficult however to figure out how to give birth to your promise. This book looks at the life of Hannah. She was a remarkable woman who made some great decisions that changed her life forever. Her promise, Samuel, was not a coincidence, but the result of a process and dedicated life to God.

Reading this book will help you discover how to access that great treasure that is inside of you! You are meant for greatness, and I want to help you giving birth to your promise!


“Giving Birth to your Promise’ is an inspirational and practical guide on how to bring forth the great treasures God placed inside of us. It’s a must read for every believer, especially those going through a dry season.” Swendly Benilia

“My brother, apostle Stefan, gives us insights and understanding that we are pregnant with a promise from God. The book makes us look to God as well as inwardly as the investment that God through His Son has made in us as His people. I recommend the book as a rediscovery of what God has spiritually impregnated you with and bring it forth!” Jehonathan Abrahams


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