How it all started

Martijn Arns; Maurice B. Sterman


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Neurofeedback offers exciting potential for understanding the brain and human behavior as well as the treatment of epilepsy and ADHD. Its rich history, from the discovery of the EEG in 1875, via the beginnings of the field of neurofeedback in 1936, to the foundation of the clinical application in the summer of 1969 is finally brought to life.

It's a compelling read, often from an eyewitness account, in which we meet an eccentric Wallstreet millionaire, a telepathy-inspired psychiatrist, a Soviet scientist’s encounter with Stalin, a British Baron, a former street gang member and a group of forward thinking West Coast scientists.
Discover how they all played a vital role in shaping the future of neuroscience and neurofeedback.


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over de schrijver(s)Dr. Martijn Arns, Research Institute Brainclinics, Nijmegen and Department of Experimental Psychology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Dr. Arns is specialized in applied neuroscience and personalized medicine and is one of the most published researchers in the field of neurofeedback. He is founding director of Research Institute Brainclinics since 2001, Scientific Adviser to neuroCare Group (a Brainclinics spin-off) and has been affiliated with Utrecht University, Department of Experimental Psychology since 2009.

Dr. Maurice (Barry) Sterman,
Professor Emeritus, Departments of Neurobiology and Biobehavioral Psychiatry, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California,
Los Angeles, CA.
Dr. Sterman had faculty appointments at Yale, UCLA, Tokyo University, University of Alberta (Edmonton) and is generally considered the founder of neurofeedback and specialized in the study of neural mechanisms underlying neurofeedback.
inhoudsopgavePreface by Maurice (Barry) Sterman 7
1: How Did I Get Here? by Maurice (Barry) Sterman 13
2: History of the EEG 27
3:History of The EEG in the United States 39
4:Sleep as an active process and discovery of the Basal Forebrain 57
5:Early Reports On Conditioning Of The EEG 71
6:Joe Kamiya 81
7:The Discovery Of SMR 95
8:Discovery of Slow Cortical Potential Neurofeedback
and The Tübingen Group 117
9:The Summer of ‘69: From the Biofeedback Research Society,
Claude Bernard Club to AAPB 143
Epilogue: Modern Times by Martijn Arns 155
Appendix 1: Introduction to the Original Introduction of
Maurice B. Sterman’s PhD Dissertation 163
Original introduction PhD Maurice B. Sterman (1963) 169
References 215
Bibliography Maurice B. Sterman 223
Index 235
About Brainclinics 242
toelichtingExcellent introduction to the origins of neurofeedback, from the early experiments in the Soviet Union, Germany and the US to the discovery of rTMS. Contains many illustrations and biographical material of EEG pioneers like Hans Berger. Also contains the introduction to Maurice B. Stermans' 1963 PhD, which paved the way to our present understanding of SMR.
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