Consciousness upgrade for transition in the 21st century

Frans de Vlieger

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Consciousness upgrade for transition in the 21st century

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 19.95: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9789082947410, geïllustreerd, 132 blz., September 2019, Engels

Uitgever: B.V.

vertaald door: David Frazer Wray

redactie: Andrea Voigt

illustrator: Andrea Voigt


8 observations of a human being as seen from the perspective of a distant outsider, an extraterrestrial who has never seen a human being before. The conclusions drawn from these observations are shocking. They form the fundaments of my research into the human psyche. The outsider’s observations are in fact the observations of my research based on the scientific principle of causality - cause and effect. They give us a completely different picture of the workings of our psyche than the one we are used to seeing from our own perspective. For instance the outsider knows for certain that a human being who is in a state of tension does not see actual reality as it is, that he is unaware of the real cause of his tension, that he is in conflict with actual reality, etc.

In other words the outsider sees that the human being is unconsciously in conflict with himself, other people and the world around him. He remains in a state of conflict in order to find peace within himself, but actually achieves the opposite in the form of conflicts, tension and destruction. The outsider thus has a clear picture of the real cause for the major tensions and conflicts of this world. A cause that lies within all human beings and of which they are not conscious. From a scientific perspective there is no other option to turn the tide than a ‘consciousness upgrade’. This will enable us all to see reality as it is and discover the real causes of tension and conflict that our psyche will otherwise not be able to see.

This book describes the perspective of a distant outsider on human kind. It explains how we can all see ourselves from this perspective and how this will enable a transition to a better world.

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