War Graves

Martin Pitsch


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ISBN: 9789082938104, geïllustreerd, 246 blz., November 2018, Engels
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War Graves isn’t supposed to be a tour guide, nor a history book. The author presents 200 photos of 60 war cemeteries erected during or after the major wars in Europe since 1870. It includes famous grave sites of Tyne Cot, Langemark, Lommel, Douaumont, and the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, to lesser-known cemeteries such as Stensholmen, Schiermonnikoog, and Himmerod.

The black-and-white photos eliminate distracting elements such as green grass, colorful flowers, or golden sunlight. The viewer will look at an image and see the sobering reality.


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over de schrijver(s)Martin Pitsch is a member of the German Armed Forces currently serving in an international environment, who enjoys combining travel and photography. In his first book, WAR GRAVES, he used black-and-white photos to display war graves in a grim but respectful manner.
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