Savage Beauty

Jonathan & Valentina

Martha de Graaf-Poupaki

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Savage Beauty

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 20.00: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9789082845587, 330 blz., November 2019, Engels

Uitgever: Martha de Graaf-Poupaki

serienaam/reeks: Savage Beauty


James came behind me and I felt him putting his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder. I knew James for a couple of hours but he made me feel familiar. The lights went on again and Sam came on stage with her guitar, a blond god sat behind the drums and a dark adonis followed them and started singing right away:
I've seen this face before So many times I swore never again
But I can't escape who I am The savage I've become
From the freak that I was first Here I am I can't escape who I am

As if petrified, I kept looking at the singer, but James took me out of my dream. "Meet our rocker Jonathan. He is the eyes and ears of V. Enterprise. He's like a mole like you but between his computers', he joked and I saw that he had spotted James among the audience and gave him a wink.

Then his eye fell on me, I looked him right in the eye and a mischievous smile curled around his mouth and I felt like I was melting away from his stage.
Jonathan sang the stars of heaven and it was nice to look at him, I couldn't imagine that he was also wearing a suit on his normal working day. His next song started with a serene tone and the music was very romantic. James took me in his arms and looked at me and started dancing with me. When the song was over I mocked Rachel across the street and I waved at her, in a hurry she made a way between the audience to come to us and she didn't go unnoticed by the men. On the other hand, on stage Jonathan was always looking at our side. His beautiful azure eyes penetrated my soul. He was beautiful to look at. And James did everything he could to get my attention for Jonathan, but I was already sold by his Savage Beauty...

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