Soy Don Toro 0 Workbook

Learn your first Spanish words with Anne and Don Toro

Antoinette Gerichhausen

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Soy Don Toro 0 Workbook

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ISBN: 9789082825503, geïllustreerd, 113 blz., April 2018, Engels
Formaat: 29.8 (h) x 22.1 (b) x 1.2 (d) cm. Gewicht: 479 gram.

Uitgever: Cinospaans

serienaam/reeks: Juan y Rosa

bewerkt door: Raoul Soentken

illustrator: Marieke Lambermont; Kaulane Huisman

vertaald door: Lynn Radford

inlezer: Helen Armstrong; Lara Jeurissen-Lumbreras; Beatriz Lumbreras-Guerrero; María García-Álvarez

redactie: Anabel Lumbreras


Let gifted children experience how much fun it can be to learn this foreign language: Spanish. Learning Spanish using this method helps pupils to learn more about effective ways of learning, planning, taking responsibility for their own learning and developing their executive skills.

Workbook 0 and Manual 0 together form Part 0 of the learning method. The free digital platform, and Edmodo app, gives pupils access to the online audio clips used in the learning method.

Use of is not essential in conjunction with Juan y Rosa but it does provide extra convenience for teachers and supervisors. Above all, it allows them to help the pupils on their way to independent learning while also being able to monitor the pupils’ progress.

After setting up an account as a ‘teacher’ via, the supervisor of a Juan y Rosa group can then add the group code for part 0 and create a ‘class’ for the pupils. Mail me ( for more details of how to set up Edmodo for you and your pupils and to get the group code.


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toelichting:met gratis appover de schrijver(s) workbook (spiralbound) is aimed at gifted pupils in Key Stage 1 who have already learned to write some English words. They can work, play, draw and sing together thanks to the exercises in this workbook.
This book prepares pupils in Key Stage 1 for learning Spanish in Key Stage 2. The manual which supports this book is intended for the supervisor and explains every exercise that the pupils will do and why.
After completing this part of the Juan y Rosa learning method, pupils in early Key Stage 2 can continue learning Spanish with part 1 of the method: 'Juan y Rosa están de vacaciones'.
I hope you enjoy learning Spanish with this book!
toelichtingLearn Spanish independently in small groups.

The learning method is being supported by the free digital learning environment of Juan y Rosa. To request a free code for the Edmodo app, send an email to

From now until the summer, the special COVID-19 price offer will give even more young pupils the chance to boost their energy and reignite the joy of learning in this unprecedented time.
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