Frequently ignored advice

what you should know when implementing software.

Frank de Graaf

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Frequently ignored advice

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ISBN: 9789082640700, geïllustreerd, 240 blz., December 2016, Engels

Uitgever: FFP

bewerkt door: Linda Vermaas

illustrator: Tony Tati


This book will make your implementatIon so much easier.

Most organisations implement a new ERP system once every 5-10 years. That is longer than the average employment of the organisations staff. In other words: most companies lack experience and know-how when it comes to large software implementations.
Internal and external project members will no doubt be ready to provide advice on every possible topic; design approach, staffing, software environments, methodologies, test approaches... but it is hard to understand this advice if you don't know what you're getting yourself into. Can you really foresee what the consequences are of following or not following given advice?

This book helps you get a better view of what an ERP implementation is like, what problems and risks are likely to arise, and what methods or tools can be used to mitigate those. The "you" I address in this book is what I in my daily life would refer to as "the client",
i.e. anyone working for a company that is implementing a new ERP system, and is involved in this implementation one way or the other. But consultants will bene t from the knowledge in this book as well!

Putting advice into context

Following the structure of a typical implementation project, lots of good advice will be given within the context of each implementation phase, for example:
* How to use internal and external resources on a project
* Why you should use your own implementation methodology
* How to avoid implementing what you already have
* Why it is important to build a knowledge base
* How to run a good design & review process
* Why patching is important and why you should avoid modi cations
* How to support your staff after an implementation go-live

After each chapter has set the scene and provided lessons learned, the chapter closes with the top 10 advice. It explains why the advice is important, what the most heard excuses are for not following it, and what could go wrong if the advice is ignored.
If this is your first ERP implementation, or if this is your tenth: you will benefit from - and enjoy - reading Frequently Ignored AdvIce.


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