Growing the fitness sector through innovation

for fitness club owners and managers

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Growing the fitness sector through innovation

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ISBN: 9789082511000, geïllustreerd, 214 blz., April 2016, Engels
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Uitgever: BlackBoxPublishers

redactie: Jan Middelkamp; Herman Rutgers


The European health and fitness sector consists of approximately 48.000 facilities, 50 million members and 400.000 employees. The European market is valued at almost 30 billion euro and is therefore the largest fitness market in the world.
For decades this sector has consistently grown in terms of members, clubs, professionalism, etcetera. A key factor in this development is the innovative power of fitness entrepreneurs, professionals and others. New concepts, programmes, and systems arise every year.

Within the fitness industry, the vision is promoted that fitness clubs should not only influence members in the club itself, but also support health promotion in other settings such as at home, at work and in the outdoors. Fitness clubs can be the hub of motivation and education, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and supporting health-related behaviour change.

The purpose of this book is to help create an even more innovative sector as one of the drivers of the plan to get more Europeans, more active, more often. This core mission of EuropeActive is not only for the growth of the sector, but also to get more people active outside of this fantastic industry.

The main target group for this book are club owners and managers in the health and fitness sector who want to build new business opportunities and reach new target groups through innovation. This book presents important insights, inspirational examples and practical tools and ideas to further growth the fitness sector through innovation.


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