True Lean

Connecting purpose, process and people

Rudy Gort

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True Lean

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ISBN: 9789082365245, 164 blz., June 2020, Engels
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Uitgever: Lean Vertaald

redactie: Eveline Broekhuizen

vertaald door: Michael Ford

illustrator: Leon Neve

redactie: John Edwards


What is lean? Where did it originate? What can it help you achieve?
True Lean gives in-depth answers to these questions.

Using more than forty full-colour images, Rudy Gort – author of ‘the
best lean book in the Netherlands’ – explains the essence and power
of lean in a very clear and understandable way.

True Lean consists of three parts:

• Origin – In order to understand the philosophy behind lean, the
origin and evolution of what is now called lean is explained. This
part goes back to the roots and core.

• Principles – The underlying principles are clearly explained using
the ‘house of lean’ model and real-life examples. This part presents
a holistic view of the system.

• Performance – Things can be done better, faster and cheaper: an
apparent contradiction. And that’s just the first step on the path
towards becoming a learning and agile organisation!

True Lean is the ideal book for students, teachers, employees and
managers who want to learn about lean.

True Lean has been rated by its readers with 5 stars and obtained a spot in the top 10.

“True Lean is the best introduction to lean that I have read to date.
Highly recommended!”

“The lean philosophy’s holistic approach perfectly explained at last.”

“Lean is often associated with processes, tools and improved efficiency. At Toyota, however, lean is first and foremost a culture that defines how we work. It is based on permanent improvement and respect for people. True Lean explains this very well.”
– Lex van den Elsen, Toyota Way Ambassador – Toyota Netherlands

“Value starts with valuing people.”
– Rudy Gort

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over de schrijver(s)Rudy Gort is a renowned author and consultant.

For more than fifteen years, he worked at various organisations, ranging from consultancies and government organisations to construction companies.

In 2006, during his MBA studies at TiasNimbas, he became fascinated by lean
straight away, because of the way in which it brings about improvements through respect.

Rudy worked as a Lean Manager and has been trained by Toyota NL. He now shares his experience and knowledge through inspiring books and stimulating blogs.

Please have a look at:
inhoudsopgave1. The origins and evolution of lean
1.1 The origins
1.2 Propagation of the system
1.3 Lean is more!
1.4 Back to the core
1.5 Conclusion

2. The five main elements of the house of lean
2.1 The base: purpose
2.1.1 Guiding and binding goal
2.1.2 Purpose in relation to profit

2.2 The roof: value
2.2.1 Putting customers first
2.2.2 Inspire with a vision
2.2.3 Customer-defined value

2.3 The foundations: stability
2.3.1 The importance of stability
2.3.2 Visual management
2.3.3 Stable and standardised processes
2.3.4 Levelling out (heijunka)

2.4 The pillars: quality and timeliness
2.4.1 Jidoka: built-in quality
2.4.2 Just-in-time: rhythmic flow

2.5 The core: behaviour
2.5.1 Challenge: set challenging goals
2.5.2 Kaizen: do not waste knowledge
2.5.3 Genchi genbutsu: go to the source
2.5.4 Respect: learn to understand each other
2.5.5 Teamwork: stimulate self-organisation

2.6 Conclusion

3. The power of lean
3.1 Faster, better, cheaper
3.2 Unsurpassed flexibility
3.3 Innovative ability
3.4 Learning ability
3.5 Conclusion

toelichtingBased on ‘the best lean book in the Netherlands’. True Lean has been rated by its readers with 5 stars and obtained a spot in the top 10.
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