No More Bananas

How to Keep Your Cool in the Collective Madness

Jeroen Kraaijenbrink

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No More Bananas

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ISBN: 9789082344356, 261 blz., June 2019, Engels
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Uitgever: Effectual Strategy Press


In this age of social media, fake news, individualism and information overload, the certainties we relied on in the past are gone. In our quest for assurance and support, the only seemingly dependable pillar left is other people. So we look to them. But they are unsettled too. And by looking to them, we create and perpetuate our own vicious stress-cycle. As a result, we lose our sensible selves. And we go bananas.

But there is good news. If we look around us, there are people who withstand the collective lunacy and stay grounded. They do something that most of us have a hard time doing: they stay themselves. And the best news is that what they can do, you can do too. It doesn’t require any special talents or supernatural powers. It only requires doing.

In this amiable, open and accessible book, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink takes you on his personal journey out of Bananaland. Drawing from cognitive psychology, martial arts, Saint Benedict, personal experience, and a wide range of other sources, the book offers a nine-step approach with some remarkably practical advice for keeping a cool head in the collective lunacy.


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over de schrijver(s)Jeroen Kraaijenbrink is a writer, advisor and lecturer on leadership and strategy. He lectures at the University of Amsterdam Business School and the TSM Business School in Enschede. He advises leaders in corporate and non-profit organizations and is also an active contributor on

No More Bananas is Jeroen’s third book. After writing two earlier books on strategy based on his professional expertise, No More Bananas reflects his personal journey to stand strong against the collective lunacy of today. Jeroen lives in the Netherlands, with his wife Caroline and their cat.


CHAPTER 1: We Are Going Bananas
Some Effects of Going Bananas
What Is Going On?
But What about Real Problems?
Is There Hope?
How to Regain Your Senses

CHAPTER 2: How Bananas Are We?
The Future of Bananas
Bananas Today
Bananas in the Past

CHAPTER 3: The Science of Bananas
The Basic Banana Mechanism
Banana Biology
Banana Psychology
Banana Sociology
Banana Technology
Banana Economy
Conclusion: The Five Banana Forces


CHAPTER 4: Leaving Bananaland
How Great People Get Great
Another Take on How to Do It
The Nine Steps to Bananalessness
Stages You May Go Through
Your Personal Banana Demons
How to Get the Most Out of this Book

CHAPTER 5: Step 1: Calm Down
Switch Off Notifications
Consume Less Information
Stop Babbling
Seek the Silence
Channel Your Thoughts

CHAPTER 6: Step 2: Let Go
Stop Ruminating
Cut Down on Planning
Stop Controlling
Release Stress

CHAPTER 7: Step 3: Take Responsibility
Quit Complaining
Stop Blaming
Speak Out
Allow Feeling Bad
Accept the Consequences

CHAPTER 8: Step 4: Dethrone Yourself

Control Your Emotions
Stop Soul Searching
Enjoy Your Averageness
Embrace Your Unimportance
Celebrate Your Temporality

CHAPTER 9: Step 5: Build Character
Ignore Apps and Advice
Deviate from the Herd
Take a Risk
Guard Your Boundaries
Adopt a Work-Rest Rhythm

CHAPTER 10: Step 6: Detox Yourself
Challenge Your Beliefs
Rethink Your Aspirations
Question Your Habits
Filter Your Words
Change Your Yardsticks

CHAPTER 11: Step 7: Get Organized
Clean Up Your Stuff
Get Rid of Work
Stop Procrastinating
Multitask Sequentially
Plan for Uncertainty

CHAPTER 12: Step 8: Think Sensibly
Assess Importance
Check Facts
Question the Source
Explore Perspectives
See the Bigger Picture

CHAPTER 13: Step 9: Pay Attention
Welcome the Unexpected
Listen and Respond
Monitor Yourself
Read and Repeat
Use Your Senses

toelichtingIn today's stressful age of too much we easily lose our minds and go bananas. In this amiable and accessible book, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink takes you on his personal journey out of Bananaland. Drawing from a wide range of sources, the book offers a nine-step approach with remarkably practical advice for keeping a cool head in the collective lunacy.
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