Cultural Quantum

A Practical Method for Efficient Cross-Cultural Cooperation

Jeanne Boden

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Cultural Quantum

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ISBN: 9789082336474, geïllustreerd, 154 blz., February 2020, Engels
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Uitgever: PUNCT


Develop your Cultural Intelligence with Cultural Quantum! The "thought-provoking" and "eye-opening" Cultural Quantum® Five Step Method presented in this book leads the way.

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over de schrijver(s)Jeanne Boden holds a PhD in Oriental Languages and Cultures and a management degree from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. Since the early 1990s she has spent many years in Asia, conducting research, and working in various roles in corporate and academic environments. She is the founder of ChinaConduct® Ltd. (2000) and Cultural Quantum®; both organizations advise and coach companies, universities, and individuals around the world.
The Cultural Quantum® Five Step Method presented in this book builds on her lifelong research and experience.
toelichtingEvery culture has its own logic. Terms and concepts, such as leadership, ownership, consensus, decision-making, and many others that we use daily in international management and communication practice are far from universal. Successful cross-cultural cooperation requires a common framework. It is not enough to be aware of cultural differences: we need practical tools and guidelines for managing cross-cultural cooperation.

This book introduces and applies the Cultural Quantum® Five Step Method developed by Dr. Jeanne Boden.

Business people, academics and other professionals find the Cultural Quantum® Five Step Method "thought-provoking" and "eye-opening". The ideas contained here will resonate with anyone who deals with colleagues or customers with a different cultural background from their own.
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