Linearbandkeramik aus Elsloo und Stein

P.J.R. Modderman

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Linearbandkeramik aus Elsloo und Stein

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 15.00

ISBN: 9789082225105, geïllustreerd, 232 blz., May 2014, GER UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Sidestone Press

serienaam/reeks: Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia


Published 1970, this edition of the Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia contains the excavation reports of two Neolithic settlements from of the Bandceramic culture (LBK) located in Elsloo and Stein (Limburg, southern Netherlands). These excavation revealed many of the large LBK houses and an LBK cemetery. The publication consist of three separate volumes containing texts, images and maps.

Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia is the annual journal of the Faculty of Archaeology (formerly the Institute of Prehistory), Leiden University. It was first published in 1964 to present the results of the faculty's archaeological investigations. As such it has become an important source of information for those interested in Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age studies in northwestern Europe.

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