The doctrine unveiled

Humphrey Curiel

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ISBN: 9789082197105, geïllustreerd, , Engels
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Uitgever: Highly Favored Publishing


Do you dare to let go of everything and reflect on life, your life, without social pressure, preferences or prejudices?
This manuscript contains insights that can help you in this process.

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toelichtingA special and paradoxical publication

At times, each of us struggles with life. Sometimes we as people are confronted with very radical situations including profound questions which may pop up from nowhere. If you do not want to bury your head in the sand for this, you can go to one of the many religious currents, take refuge in one of the several self-help books or turn to one or another guru. About this is unveiled in The doctrine unveiled: "The first and easiest choice is: believe what others believe."

Anyone who does not want to put up with this, though is looking for wisdom and inspiration, finds in The doctrine unveiled an inexhaustible source of observations and aphorisms, which can serve as a starting point for further reflection and meditation. Do not expect pre-defined answers, because: "By saying how things should be done, the thinking is limited." Say goodbye to your firm convictions and dogmas, open up for the doctrine which is "no doctrine" and make contact with the invisible inner self.

The doctrine unveiled is in a way a paradoxical publication. After all, words are in fact not a suitable medium for conveying the message that the author has for us. Fortunately, that has not been a reason for him to omit releasing this special production!

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