Essentials of motivation and behaviour change

for fitness, health and sport professionals

Chris Beedie; Paul Bedford; Hancox Jennie; Alfonso Jiménez; Gary Liguori; Nikos Ntoumanis; Bryan O’Rourke; Eleanor Quested; Thomas Rieger; Jussi Riekki; Mikko Rinta; Cecilie Thogersen-Ntoumani; Peter Wolfhagen

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Essentials of motivation and behaviour change

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ISBN: 9789082190427, geïllustreerd, 180 blz., April 2015, Engels
Formaat: 23.8 (h) x 17.6 (b) x 1.3 (d) cm. Gewicht: 686 gram.

Uitgever: Redbox B.V.

redactie: Jan Middelkamp

trefwoorden: behaviour fitness health motivation


Exercise is medicine! But do people take the medicine? And for how long?
Nowadays there is an unlimited amount of proof that physical activity and exercise are
benecial for health. Despite of this, an important question is if people take this medicine (regularly) enough to gain the multiple health-related benets.

In EuropeActive's Essentials of Motivation & Behaviour Change, a wide range of strategies and practical tools will be presented based on multiple theories and frameworks. In ten chapters, topics on exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle will be discussed, but also special topics like the role of technology to support motivation & behaviour change, and customer service & communication.
This book supports tness, health and sport professionals to get more people, more active, more often. Personal trainers, tness instructors, group tness instructors, physiotherapists, nutritional coaches, sports coaches, and many more will learn about the essentials of motivation and behaviour change and gain a large amount of practical strategies and tools to support their clients or members.


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