Digital marketing strategy

Emile Lancée

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Digital marketing strategy

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ISBN: 9789082126051, geïllustreerd, 800 blz., October 2017, Engels
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The first international executive edition! Full color and hardcover!

Time-honored marketing maxims erode at record-breaking speed. From an operational perspective, many 'new and improved' best practices have been developed, introduced, applauded, adapted, overhauled and, in most cases, quickly relegated to the rearview mirror of a world that is forever gaining digital traction. And that's only on the tactical level. When you zoom out for a strategic view, things get much more complex, fast. Strategies that used to spell instant success, now scream IMMINENT FAILURE in blood-red neon. Pray those letters don't pop up on your corporate HQ, and, if they do, blame it on the digital age?

You could. But you don't have to. Digital Marketing Strategy provides a future-proof marketing framework for the digital environment. Based on solid academic research (no fuzzy gut feelings, but clear, fact-driven insights), and backed by over 100 strategic models. This 800 page magnum opus by Assistant Marketing Professor Emile Lancée (VU University, Amsterdam) is NIMA accredited and part of the official academic curriculum. In 2015, the book ("truly innovative, all-encompassing and highly relevant") was awarded the prestigious PIM marketing literature prize.

This executive edition is the first version tailored to the needs of CEO's, marketing executives and business professionals. The book is divided into five parts: digital consumer behavior, digital strategy, digital marketing mix, digital communications and digital customer management. It covers a wide range of topics, including Internet of Things (IoT), big data, personalization, website morphing, omnichannel strategies, user-generated content, digital storytelling, social media strategy, mobile buying, social shopping and s-CRM. Although Digital Marketing Strategy has a strong academic backbone, all insights are illustrated with examples, including 13 extensive business cases about (among others) Airbnb, Groupon, Shazam, Red Bull, Lego and HBO.

In short, Digital Marketing Strategy is the most up-to-date repository of academic insights into digital marketing, extrapolated to a business context. Read it when your Tesla is charging, during an extended lunch-break, in bed on a lazy Sunday morning, on your morning commute, right before a board meeting, when you sip a latte, whilst changing planes, on a sun-soaked terrace, at the dentist, between tees, soaking in a bath and/or while you watch Mad Men reruns. But above all, read it with a sense of urgency.

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