Tickle Talks

50 philosophical questions for a different kind of conversation

Fabien van der Ham

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Tickle Talks

losbladig: € 10.95

ISBN: 9789081971720, geïllustreerd, 54 blz., March 2015, Engels
Formaat: 9.3 (h) x 6.2 (b) x 2.1 (d) cm. Gewicht: 92 gram.

Uitgever: De filosofiejuf

illustrator: Cindy van Schendel

vertaald door: Wieke Beenen


It's fun and important to talk to children. So you ask questions like 'how was your school today' or 'what did you do this weekend?' But unfortunately these questions don't always give enough incentive for a good conversation. Now what would be interesting to talk about? These 50 philosophical questions encourage children to think further and initiate a different kind of talk; at home on the kitchen table or together in the classroom.

For 6 years and onwards.

But... philosophising with children, why would you do that?
It can be very surprising to philosophise with children. Their ways of reasoning are often very touching, original, creative and amazingly smart. It is good for their social, emotional, moral, and lingual development. But moreover, they learn to think in a critical and creative way. But the best reason is that you get to know children in a very different way. You don't just find out what they think, but also how they think.

With the Tickle-Talks, 50 philosophical questions for kids, anyone can philosophise with children; at home on the kitchen table or at school in the classroom.

More information and free probing cards on: www.tickletalks.com

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