Studies in Islamic commercial law and Ottoman land law

Servet Armagan

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ISBN: 9789081726429, 140 blz., October 2011, Engels
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This book is a humble essay on some topics in Islamic law. It is divided into two main parts.
The first part presents some legal studies carried out by a jurist in Islamic commercial law.
The second part takes up land law in the Ottoman Empire.
Nonetheless, we should admit that one of the most obvious features of the Ottoman Empire was its wide territory and characteristics of its administration.
The Ottoman Empire lasted for more than 600 years and extended across three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. Economically, this worlwide empire, known as the "Pact Ottomana" is important for the Ottoman treasury.
The land law of the Ottoman Empire can be a model for Islamic countries today, both with respect to administration and economics (the latter is very important). These countries should adopt the land system of the Ottoman Empire, and this book will elucidate the main justifications and reasons for this claim.

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