Porn for Bankers

What bankers can learn from porn

H.G.D. Eysink Smeets

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Porn for Bankers

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 7.99

ISBN: 9789081724418, geïllustreerd, 244 blz., July 2011, Engels
Formaat: 22.9 (h) x 15.3 (b) x 1.6 (d) cm. Gewicht: 460 gram.

Uitgever: Short Circuit Publishing B.V.


‘‘Easy to read, mind tickling and pleasantly unconventional”.
Theodor Kockelkoren, Executive AFM, the Netherlands Financial Authorities

“I like it: jokey style, relaxed way of writing, great analogies, a strong message.”
CEO Global Banking Councils, London, UK

CEO of one of the Scandinavian Banks

“I thoroughly enjoyed the comparisons with so many other industries …including porn! I would recommend this book to anyone working in Retail Banking – at all levels and across all jobs.”
Gary Marsh, Head of Retail, Diamond Bank, Nigeria

“There is a solid theme throughout the book – the IRR concept, the Value/Compromise model and the PPMMC form a good theoretical backbone for the analysis and the recommendations.”
Schalk van der Merwe, CEO RCS Group, South Africa

Learn from the porn-industry how our banks can change. This book by banking-insider Hans Eysink Smeets explains how our bankers can use the Information Retail Revolution to double their consumer focus with half the cost. That means double fun for all of us. As customer and as
taxpayer. A must-read!

Hans Eysink Smeets is one of the world’s leading retail consultants. He’s worked in 32 countries
on 5 continents, for market leaders in supermarkets, hypermarkets, banking, postal services, FMCG, cars and many more.


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