Mindset in daily life

Jackie Reardon; Hans Dekkers

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Mindset in daily life

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 15.00

ISBN: 9789081492898, geïllustreerd, January 2013, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Mindset Publishers

vertaald door: Beverley Jackson


Looking for the mental calmness and focus that you have been reading about in almost every glossy magazine that has passed through your hands over the last few years? Doubting if there is any truth to these 'law of attractions' principles. We doubted too. And that is why we have developed a practical down to earth method that can be practiced daily, that works.

In Mindset for daily life the reader is taken down a road of beautiful metaphors and tangible examples of how our busy minds keep playing tricks with us and how we can methodically change our habit patterns. Using humour and examples from the past 5 years of Mindset trainings, we entice the reader to challenge the quality of their own thoughts and to adapt to living from 'feeling instead of thought.'

In 2007 Jackie Reardon and Hans Dekkers wrote the book Mindset. Although it was originally intended as a mental guide for sports, we soon discovered that many people were using the Mindset method in different areas of life. People from all sorts of professions, from teachers to health care workers, from business people and lawyers to musicians, told us the book had enriched their lives. This inspired them to write a sequel: a book that is less about sports and more about mindset in everyday life.

The mindset method works in four stages:
1. Making a conscious choice to adopt action thinking instead of story thinking
2. Six pillars for more self-knowledge and better self-management
3. Four types of concentration for attention control
4. Seven instruments for achieving mental tranquillity

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