Hoge Raad een op een

Helen Verhoeven; Maria Barnas; Jasper Gerretsen


paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 25.65: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9789081465700, geïllustreerd, 352 blz., May 2016, MUL
Formaat: 33.8 (h) x 24.3 (b) x 1.5 (d) cm. Gewicht: 1205 gram.

Uitgever: Alon Levin en Helen Verhoeven

vertaald door: Donald Gardner

redactie: Alon Levin; Nickel Duijvenboden; Johan Wambacq

fotografie: Johannes Schwartz


Based in Berlin, Dutch visual artist Helen Verhoeven's works often explore the theme of ceremonial gatherings. The focus of this book is her monumental painting, 'Hoge Raad' ('Supreme Court'), which hangs in that same institution in The Hague. According to the essay by Maria Barnas, "Rarely have I seen anything so theatrical, so time-transcending and majestic, and at the same time so everyday." Tension pervades the work, with the positioning of various figures lending it a theatrical aspect. This book contains a 1:1 reproduction of the painting: each page shows a surface segment, set in the sequence of a mapped grid. Also included is an index of the painting's historical references.

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