Raw stardust Excursions in contemporary sculpture II

Jan van Adrichem

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Raw stardust Excursions in contemporary sculpture II

gebonden: € 35.95: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9789081006002, geïllustreerd, 116 blz., March 2012
Formaat: 27.4 (h) x 23.5 (b) x 1.6 (d) cm. Gewicht: 788 gram.

Uitgever: Idea Books B.V.

redactie: Chris Driessen; Heidi van Mierlo

vertaald door: Laura Watkinson


The Baroque park of De Oude Warande in Tilburg, the Netherlands, hosted the exhibition 'Lustwarande' ('Pleasure garden') in 2000, which installed works by contemporary artists. The concept was repeated every few years, bringing a park originally designed to include statues, but which had none, temporarily to completion. In 2011, the exhibition focused on a reorientation, where works did not often relate to their context. This publication brings together the works from 'Lustwarande 2011 - Raw' with those from the 'Stardust' exhibition in 2009, which took Callum Morton's 'Grotto' as its centrepiece. Featured artists include Sylvie Fleury, Jedediah Caesar and Germaine Kruip, among others.

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