Monozukuri in practice

achieving mastery

Steven Blom

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Monozukuri in practice

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ISBN: 9789080746688, geïllustreerd, 93 blz., July 2015, Engels
Formaat: 24.8 (h) x 17.8 (b) x 1.3 (d) cm. Gewicht: 324 gram.

Uitgever: Blom Consultancy

serienaam/reeks: Monozukuri the art of making

redactie: Marcel Metze


Times have changed fundamentally. Hierarchical management according to the Taylor model has become outdated. Companies can no longer survive by simply continuing to do what they've always done.

Many people ask themselves the question of how we should move on with our businesses and manufacturing industries. This book provides some of the answers to this question. It delves deeply into the Monozukuri philosophy and explains how one can use it to achieve mastery in production and management. It discusses a wide range of topics, ranging from 3.0 Motivation and Inspiring leadership to Creating the Right Improvement Culture and the ins and outs ofr Daily Management. For those who want to explore even further, it includes chapters on Spirituality and Management and Zen and Management.

This book offers a view of a system of values that sheds a very new, yet at the same time ancient light on work, motivation, leadership, production and profit. Monozukuri is a very tangible and understandable method that has been amply tested and applied in Japan, with great success.

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