Sudoku quarterly

Herman Adèr


paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 4.95

ISBN: 9789079418701, 122 blz., July 2018, Engels
Formaat: 21.4 (h) x 15.2 (b) x 1.0 (d) cm. Gewicht: 177 gram.

Uitgever: Johannes van Kessel Advising

illustrator: Jeroen Arian


SUDOKU QUARTERLY of the third quarter of 2018 contains
the thirteen issues of SUDOKU WEEKLY of week 27 to week 39.
Each week, there is a Sudoku for each day.
All these Sudokus are magic:
From Monday (which has only one magic block)
until Saturday (with six magic blocks) each weekday has
one more magic block than the previous day.
On Sunday all blocks are magic.


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