Sudoku monthly February 2017

Herman Adèr

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Sudoku monthly February 2017

gebonden: € 1.25

ISBN: 9789079418541, geïllustreerd, 53 blz., February 2017, Engels
Formaat: 21.0 (h) x 14.9 (b) x 0.5 (d) cm. Gewicht: 85 gram.

Uitgever: Johannes van Kessel Advising

illustrator: Jeroen Arian


SUDOKU MONTHLY of February, 2017
contains the five issues of SUDOKU WEEKLY of week 5 to week 9.
Each week, there is a Sudoku for each day.
There are several kinds: apart from the familiar regular ones,
there are also MAGIC Sudoku's and DIAGONAL Sudoku's.
They are ordered from an easy, regular one on Monday
to a more difficult, diagonal one on Sunday.

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