Effective innovation in practice, opportunities for hands-on learning

additional case-based and advanced assignments with elaborations

J. Slagter; J.P.S. Piest

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Effective innovation in practice, opportunities for  ...

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ISBN: 9789079182190, geïllustreerd, August 2011, Engels
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Uitgever: Maj Publishing


Following the learning philosophy of the textbook Effective Innovation in Practice A Guide to Innovation from a Technological and Methodological Perspective this workbook presents assignments for hands-on learning experiences. The workbook is essential for students who are involved with learning programs related to the management of technology-oriented innovation.

The goal of this workbook is to further develop the students knowledge, skills and attitudes based on the concept of learning by doing and problem solving-based business management research. Assignments are based on the TDE Systems case and supported with expanded explanations to create a challenging learning environment. The structure of this workbook is derived directly from the textbook to enable students to systematically achieve a variety of learning objectives.

By carefully reading the textbook and carrying out the assignments contained in this workbook, the reader will develop an in-depth body of knowledge of the following four subjects, or combinations of them:

Business Management and Research;
Strategy Development;
Technology Development;


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