Product data management in a strategic perspective

B. Konst; J. La Fontaine; M.G.R. Hoogeboom; ; 

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Product data management in a strategic perspective

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ISBN: 9789079182060, geïllustreerd, 103 blz., August 2009, Engels
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Uitgever: Maj Publishing

redactie: Jayne Wilkinson


Quality, short completion times, low costs, innovation: these are crucial requirements for a successful modern manufacturing business. But one thing missing from this list is the management of product information.

The current approach to the product development process is multi-disciplinary. In the past, manufacturing companies dealt with customers and suppliers, but outsourcing and globalization mean that many more parties are now involved in the product development process. Clients want a customized product and they want it fast; they are now being given a say on matters that penetrate deeply into the process of developing the eventual product.

All this makes the need for sound information management even more essential. The availability of data, and the ability to pull up the right version of the right documents at the right moment and send them to the right people, are becoming increasingly important.

This book, Product Data Management: A Strategic Perspective, describes the management of all the various types of information created during product development. The book is written in plain language and takes a business strategy approach to the problem of information management, rather than focusing on resources such as software tools.

• Who can benefit from the introduction of Product Data Management (PDM)?
• What functionalities are available in the different PDM systems?
• What are the consequences for an organization moving over to PDM?

Product Data Management: A Strategic Perspective explains all aspects of PDM. Practical examples and striking illustrations guide the reader on a step-by-step journey through the world of Product Data Management. The book is particularly relevant to students of technology and business administration, as well as professionals familiarizing themselves with the field, who need to know the essentials of PDM and how it can be applied within their organization.

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