Honor and partner violence among Hindustani in the Netherlands

an explorative study on the role of honor and forced marriages in partner violence among Hindustani and the possibility of prevention

Anita C. Nanhoe; Katinka Lünnemann; Trees Pels

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Honor and partner violence among Hindustani in the  ...

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ISBN: 9789078094883, 158 blz., August 2016
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Uitgever: Stili Novi, Uitgeverij


This report is an exploratory study on how honor-based mechanisms and forced marriages relate to partner violence among Hindustani in the Netherlands.

The report starts with a description of the role honor-based beliefs and marriage play in the upbringing within Hindustani families. Subsequently, the authors discuss the support and hindrances mothers and youngsters experienced during partner violence, on termination of the relationship and after the violence ceased.

The study also explores honor-based dynamics related to divorce. It further describes the interventions that contributed to stopping the partner violence, and to the prevention of the intergenerational transmission of this kind of violence. This also involves the transfer of standards related to honor-based beliefs, and forced marriages of youngsters who witnessed violence between their parents.

The report ends with conclusions and policy recommendations. Important passages from interviews with the respondents have been added as appendices.

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