DVD - NEXT 21 - An Experiment

een documentaire van Beate Lendt

B. Lendt; J. Habraken

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DVD - NEXT 21 - An Experiment

DVD: € 12.50

ISBN: 9789076863917, November 2009 UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Uitgeverij Architectura & Natura


DVD NEXT 21 – An Experiment
Een documentaire / A documentary by van Beate Lendt
Japanese and English (with English subtitles)
ISBN 9789076863927 € 12,50
November 2009

With the aim of creating an energy-efficient, green, social and flexible urban living environment fit for the challenges of the 21st century and its demands, Osaka Gas commissioned the experimental residential complex NEXT 21 in Osaka (completed in 1993). 15 years into its existence and after three consecutive five-year cycles of ongoing inhabitation experimentation, the documentary looks back on the context and conditions of its pioneering multi-disciplinary design process. Interviews with: Yositika Utida, Seiichi Fukao, Mitsuo Takada, Hiroshi Horiba, Shinichi Chikazumi and John Habraken.

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