A deeper sense of life

Morya; Geert Crevits

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A deeper sense of life

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 14.00

ISBN: 9789075702231, geïllustreerd, March 2013
Formaat: 17.7 (h) x 12.3 (b) x 1.3 (d) cm. Gewicht: 179 gram.

Uitgever: Mayil Publishing House

serienaam/reeks: Wisdom


Master Morya says,
"If you have a goal in life, a very worthwhile goal, then every action, even the smallest, is saturated with this energy. So it is that a single action of one person may be great and profound, even symbolic, his or her action may even be of great importance for the world, whereas another person indulges in a thousand and one actions that have little or no importance at all because his or her goal has little or no power."

In plain language, the Morya books communicate the deepest spirituality. Whether you choose to read them as a source of spiritual study, to reflect on single passages or simply leaf through the books out of curiosity, time after time, you'll go away with a gained insight and wisdom that you are not only able to comprehend but can also apply to your daily life. Without avoiding any subject and using finely nuanced words, Master Morya manages to sketch a profound picture of the reality of this world, a picture that never ceases to provide solutions to the minor problems of life as well as answering major existential questions.

The Morya books form part of a series but can also be read individually. To read excerpts from all the books and for more information about Morya, go to www.morya.org.

Action and reflection
Changes here on Earth
The divine Hierarchy in your life
Solitude and relationships in Western society
Power in yourself
Powers in society
The Master and the power
About love and sexuality
More about love
Love and consciousness
Power and form
The way of loving
The Master's intention

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