Finding myself in India

Bart Eysink Smeets

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Finding myself in India

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 15.40

ISBN: 9789070478421, geïllustreerd, July 2015, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Idea Books B.V.


More and more people are traveling across the world to discover other cultures, lose themselves in the unknown and (thanks to Eat Pray Love and Julia Roberts' alligator grin) the new number 1 travel cliché: to find themselves. Bart Eysink Smeets longed for the spiritual enlightenment and life-affirming answers to questions like; What is the meaning of life? He really, really wanted to find himself in India, but as a happy Amsterdammer and reluctant traveller he didn't actually want to go there. So Bart did the next best thing, he harnessed the spiritual power of Photoshop and carefully inserted himself into photos his friends had taken when they were actually in India.

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