Frame Your Imagination

Caroline Ellerbeck


paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 12.99

ISBN: 9789063695422, geïllustreerd, 144 blz., September 2019, Engels
Formaat: 17.0 (h) x 13.0 (b) x 1.4 (d) cm. Gewicht: 209 gram.

Uitgever: BIS Publishers


Frame Your Imagination stimulates your creativity with over 50 drawing challenges. Each page contains a shape or line, some with colour, others not. Include the shape or line into a drawing/illustration of anything that comes to mind. A sort of 'finish the drawing principle' - however, it is totally up to you!

You can use the mentioned hashtags merely as an inspiration for your creation. The drawing challenges are designed to stimulate your creative mind and stretch your imagination. No artistic skills are required, use the art of creative thinking!

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