Leuven Chansonnier - Study/Studie


gebonden: € 24.99: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 9789059089051, geïllustreerd, 192 blz., August 2017
Formaat: 24.9 (h) x 17.6 (b) x 2.2 (d) cm. Gewicht: 639 gram.

Uitgever: Davidsfonds/Infodok

serienaam/reeks: Leuven library of music in fascimile

redactie: David J. Burn

vertaald door: Ignace Bossuyt; Bart Demuyt


In 2014, a small Brussels auction-house sold an extraordinarily well preserved and previously entirely unknown late fifteenth-century songbook to a private art-dealer. Given the extreme rarity and immense music-historical and cultural importance of this manuscript, it was subsequently acquired by the King Baudouin Foundation and deposited with the Alamire Foundation in Leuven's Park Abbey. Now known as the Leuven Chansonnier, this elegantly produced personal object contains forty-nine French-texted secular pieces and one Latin sacred work by leading composers including Johannes Ockeghem (c. 1420-97)
and Anthoine Busnoys (c. 1430-92). Twelve of the pieces are unique to the manuscript.
The present facsimile with commentary launches a new series, the Leuven Library of Music in Facsimile, under the general editorship of David J. Burn and Bart Demuyt. The series presents high-quality reproductions of primary music sources of outstanding aesthetic,historical, and cultural value. Each facsimile is in full colour, at original size, and accompanied by an extended commentary, written by a leading expert.

David J. Burn is Associate Professor of Musicology and head of the Early Music Research Group at the University of Leuven, and a governing member of the Alamire Foundation.

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