Human Rights and Biomedicine

A.P. den Exter

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This book contains the lectures of an International Conference on Human Rights and Biomedicine, held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 10-12 December 2008 and organised by the Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Erasmus Observatory on Health Law.

In this publication, eminent scholars from a variety of disciplines (medicine, law, ethics, and philosophy) discuss the meaning of underlying principles of the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine (1997) and fundamental rights in healthcare, contemporary dilemmas in healthcare (policy) and the Convention's impact on national health legislation and daily practice.

In particular, the following subjects are dealt with: Human Rights and Health Ethics; Equitable Access to Health Care; Medical Research; Human Genetics, and Organ Transplantation.

With contributions by Roberto Andorno, Tom Beauchamp, Martin Buijsen, Carlos Romeo-Casabona, Walter Devillé, Elmar Doppelfeld, André den Exter, Henk ten Have, Erwin Kompanje, Rick Lawson, Hilde Lindemann, Herman Nys, Jürgen Robienski, Jürgen Simon, Timothy Stoltzfus Jost.

Over de auteur(s):
André den Exter is a lecturer on health law at the Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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