Mathematics for Business Economics

Herbert Hamers; Bob Kaper; John Kleppe

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Mathematics for Business Economics

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Mathematics for Business Economics has been developed for students in mathematics in higher professional and university economics studies. It not only presents the fundamentals of mathematics, but also shows how mathematics is applied, especially in business economics.
It is based on many years of experience in mathematics lectures in economics
and business administration at Tilburg University, and on teaching high school
students. As a result, this book perfectly fits the level of fi rst-year students in economics and business administration.
This is attained by paying more attention to elementary calculation techniques - e.g. solving of (in)equalities, arithmetics with powers -, the change in the order of the mathematical topics and the inclusion
of more examples and exercises. Economic applications have been selected
not only from the fi eld of microeconomics, e.g. consumer and producer behavior, but also include modern portfolio theory, inventory management and statistics. This book is based on an earlier edition, Mathematics with Applications in Micro-Economics, and is also available in a Dutchlanguage
edition. Online support Additional material is available on www., including: + An e-learning environment, where
mathematical notions and methods are explained with fi lms, text and multiplechoice questions. + Complete solutions to all exercises in
this book. About the authors Prof.dr. Herbert Hamers is professor in Game Theory and Operations Research at Tilburg University.
Dr. Bob Kaper was professor in Mathematics at Tilburg University.
Dr. John Kleppe teaches Mathematics at Tilburg

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