Pathophysiology of pregnancy complications

Roadmap to early prediction and prevention

L.L.H. Peeters; P.W. de Leeuw; E.D. Post Uiterweer

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Pathophysiology of pregnancy complications

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ISBN: 9789036825702, geïllustreerd, 275 blz., July 2021, Engels
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This book provides an overview of the physiology of pregnancy and the pathophysiology of common pregnancy complications. Using this information, options are discussed for the early detection and prevention of these complications. 

Chapter 1 outlines the maternal adaptation to pregnancy, which enables the fetus to grow, mature and thrive without compromising maternal health. Chapter 2 describes the pregnancy course in healthy women, who develop a common pregnancy complication, such as a placental syndrome, preterm birth or gestational diabetes. These complications are often superimposed on a latent defect in the cardiovascular, renal, immunologic and/or metabolic functions. Chapters 3 and 4 discuss pregnancy in women with a chronic disease that often affects one of these functions. Finally, chapter 5 uses the information provided in the preceding chapters to discuss the options for early detection and/or prevention of common pregnancy complications.

The emphasis of this book is on the pathophysiology of a complicated pregnancy rather than on its management. It explains the sequence of events that characterizes the development of common pregnancy complications. This insight is expected to assist in the deceision making and counseling by midwives and obstetricians of pregnant women, who at increased risk of these complications. 

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