The Stone Bridge

Alexander Terekhov

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ISBN: 9781909156647, April 2014, Engels
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The Stone Bridge tells the story of Terekhov's decade-long investigation into the case of the 'young wolves', and reveals some of the secrets behind the Kremlin's private school, a direct line to the Communist Party elite. The search for truth of the Stone Bridge incident requires the reader's patience: the historical authenticity of this work is supported by testimonies of witnesses trying to avoid an uncomfortable interrogation, supported by illustrations, documents and chronicles.

On June 3, 1943 at the Stone Bridge in Moscow a tragedy took place that shocked the political elite of that time and became the starting point of an investigation into other historical and political facts. Nina Umanskaya, the beautiful 14-year-old daughter of a Soviet diplomat, was murdered by her classmate and admirer, Volodya Shakhurin, son of a People's Commissar. After that the young man shot himself.
The main purpose of this titanic work is to find the historical truth. But does it exist?

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