History of Modern Design, 2nd edition

Raizman, David

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 42.00: GRATIS verzending! (NL)
ISBN: 9781856696944, geïllustreerd, 432 blz., January 2010, Engels
Formaat: 29.2 (h) x 22.4 (b) x 3.7 (d) cm. Gewicht: 2251 gram.

Uitgever: Laurence King Publishing


This insightful, wide-ranging book surveys the applied arts and industrial design from the eighteenth century to the present day, exploring the dynamic relationship between design and manufacturing, and the technological, social and commercial contexts in which this relationship has developed.

Extensively revised and expanded for this second edition, History of Modern Design is an inclusive, well-balanced introduction to a field of increasing scholarly and interdisciplinary research, and provides students in design with historical perspectives of their chosen fields of study.

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