A Spotter's Guide to Amazing Architecture

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 10.95
ISBN: 9781787013421, 128 blz., January 2018, Engels
Formaat: 18.3 (h) x 18.3 (b) x 1.1 (d) cm. Gewicht: 301 gram.

Uitgever: Lonely Planet


The next in our Spotter's Guide series reveals 120 of the world's great human constructions and where to find them. Packed with facts, maps and photos, it's a fun and fascinating introduction to the sublime, the strange and everything in between.
Amazing Architecture: A Spotter's Guide is perfect for anyone interested in learning about many of the world's greatest architectural sites. Each entry includes a brief introduction, who designed it and when it was built, plus a map to help you plan a visit.
Famous, weird and wonderful places include: Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania The Crooked House in Sopot, Poland Shah Mosque in Esfahan, Iran Skara Brae in Orkney, Scotland Towers of San Gimignano, Italy Roman Baths in Bath, UK Ayutthaya temple complex, Thailand

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